Fabrication Capabilities and Services

Laser Cutting New CO2 laser for cutting wide variety of materials.
Punching/Forming 3 CNC turrets w/autoindex capabilities for angle and precision. Urethane stripping ensures a smooth, highly cosmetic finish. Extensive turret tooling includes standard rounds, rectangles and oblongs. Also, wide selection of complex forming tools: embosses, countersinks, offsets, counterbores and chamfers.
Shearing 3 shears with capabilities of shearing up to 7 gauge cold roll steel and lengths to 80 inches (6+ ft).
Welding TIG welding for all types of material is supported. Spot welding of all types of material, including aluminum.
Deburring Full deburr capability: straight deburring, grain finishing and polishing.
Sanding Up to 36" wide grain sanders.
Assembly Hardware fasteners, latches, riveting and assembly are supported by automatic and manual feed equipment.
Plating, painting, silk-screen Supported by outside contractors with established long-term relationships.